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Activities of the outlaw called Zorro

Page 3 By Demetrio Lopez Garcia Sergeant of his majesty the king of Spain

  April 5 Place: Cuartel de Los Angeles
Facts: Zorro entered the Cuartel and created disorder in the barracks in order to move the lancers away from there and to help the rebels attack the Cuartel..
Description: As usual, the outlaw dressed in black  entered the cuartel by the roofs. The lancers were on the alert that evening, hidden in the expectation of  an attack  by a band of rebels led by  Don Alejandro de la Vega. The orders of Capitan Monastario were to await his signal before acting. Once inside, Zorro and the Comm=andante began to duel. The Comm=andante tried to trick Zorro and trap him inside. But the outlaw was nimble and as fast as the wind, and managed to escape. Sergeant Garcia and some lancers rode out  after him, with orders to drive him away from the cuartel but to return immediately to attack the rebels from the rear.

Zorro knew about  the attack by Alejandro de la Vega?
  April 5 Place: Cuartel de Los Angeles
Facts: Zorro warned the terrorists of the trap that was prepared for them at the cuartel and prevented the capture of their head Don Alejandro de la Vega.
Descriptions: The army was aware that a band of rebels led by Don Alejandro de la Vega would try to storm the cuartel. , and a trap had been prepared to capture them. When de la Vega opened the gates of the cuartel and the rebels were about to attack, Zorro arrived on his horse and warned them about the trap. The rebels dispersed before the guard stopped them. But Don Alejandro de la Vega who was fighting with him was taken inside the cuartel. Zorro left his horse outside and entered to help him. Don Alejandro escaped by the roofs but was injured by the Captain. The masked outlaw was within a short distance of the valorous lancers but luck was still with him. He succeeded in escaping with Don Alejandro into the hills. We followed them all night.

Zorro took too many risks to help de la Vega.
  April 6 Place: de la Vega Grounds
Facts: Capitan Monastario was arresting Don Alejandro de la Vega when Zorro emerged and again escaped with de la Vega
Description: In the early morning, thanks to me with the help of Sergeant Garcia, the lancers found a trace of the fugitive on the grounds of the rancho de la Vega. Part of the troops went to the hacienda of Don  Alejandro and put the inhabitants under watch to see that the ranchero does not receive any help from them.  The other part led by the commandante  continued to search the hills. Don Alejandro was about to be captured when Zorro emerged, and escaped with de la Vega. The lancers immediately began to follow them. But during the chase, Zorro and Don Alejandro came across Don Nacho returning to Los Angeles with an escort and he took Don Alejandro under his protection. Zorro escaped after jumping the Devil's ravine.

Could Diego de la Vega have escaped the vigilance of the incompetent  Garcia?
  April 13-14 Place: Tavern of San Fernando
Facts: Zorro kidnapped Judge Vasca from  the tavern of San Fernando where he rested before the surprise fiesta which awaited him in Los Angeles.
Description: The magistrate head Vasca was to go to Los Angeles to chair judgement of  Don Nacho Torres and Don Alejandro de la Vega. The Comandante Monastario wanted to use the arrival of the judge to organize a great fiesta in Los Angeles. Sergeant Garcia had orders to receive the judge at San Fernando and to make him stay in  the tavern so that he does not arrive before the preparations of the fiesta were over. Sergeant Garcia carried out his mission perfectly when Zorro intervened. Judge Vasca was ridden to rest in a room and Sergeant Garcia stood guard near him conscientiously. Zorro emerged abruptly, threatened  Sergeant Garcia with his sword and made him drink a sleeping potion. When I he woke up, the Sergeant understood immediately: Zorro had removed Judge Vasca by using  his uni the lancers immediately set out in search of the outlaw. Zorro made several diversions before reaching Los Angeles to make the judge arrive late for the trial. The lancers  met the carriage of the magistrate at Los Angeles, but too late for the judgement (Don Nacho and Don Alejandro had been just acquitted by the magistrate Licenciado Pina) and too late for the fiesta .

Don Diego absent at  the trial of his own father!?!

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