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episode I-02
Waving at a pretty se˝orita

episode I-08
playing the drunk

episode I-11
Surprised by the turn of the party
episode I-12
offended by the news
episode I-13
fooling Monastario

episode I-13
episode I-13
Determined to confound Monastorio

episode I-15
getting suspicious

episode I-16
Laughing at Bernardo's unvolontary stunt

episode I-18
Observing discreetely the cuartel's activity

episode I-19
restraining himself
episode I-19
answering ironically to the card gambler

episode I-25
laughing at the magistrado's defeat

episode I-35
deep in thought

episode I-37
Observing his trap closing on the Eagle
episode I-38
Upset by his father's blunder
episode II-01
Furious by the bandido's audacity
episode II-05
Upset by the turn of the event
episode II-05
Willing to get Anna-Maria's esteem

episode II-05
Touched !

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