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- the Good -

Captain Arturo Toledano

At first sight, Garcia found Captain Toledano most unpleasant. The fact was the Captain had a rough first day in Los Angeles.

As the days passed, the Captain appeared to be fairer and much nicer towards his soldiers. It had been a long time since Los Angeles had known such a Comandante! From this moment, Garcia was totally devoted to his Captain whose orders he carried out with good will but, as usual, with awkwardness.

Besides, the day of his departure, it was not without any apprehension that Comandante Toledano entrusted the responsability of the cuartel to the Sergeant.

"...  Oh no sir, your record is excellent! ..."
"... You have a beautiful voice, Sergeant. Sing that again... "
"Get away from the Comandante"
"...once again, you must assume duty as acting comandante.(...) This is the greatest responsability you may ever have to face in your lifetime. Do not take it lightly !"

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