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- the Henchman -

Captain Mendoza

Captain Mendoza was an evil man who lived only in the shadow of the perfidious Señor Basilio of whom he was the henchman . 

From their arrival in Los Angeles, the Captain did not take the command of the cuartel but curiously left it to his master. Señor Basilio was the brain of the team and Mendoza the hired man. Both wished to become rich at all costs. The former made up plans and the latter carried them out with great cruelty.  

As for Sergeant Garcia, he got to have the bad part. The two con men were using him again and again to reach their goal : first flattering him, then threatening him and finally using him as a bait. Never before had Garcia been so persecuted in so little time !

"... Light it for him Capitán! AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT ! ... "
"... Si, I am Sergeant Garcia but who are you ?..."

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