To install Realplayer

Realplayer must be installed on your computer to read the video and sound of this website.

What is Realplayer ?

Realplayer is a software that reads sounds and videos from website in streaming.

You can find 2 Realplayer programs : a free one and a fee one. The free Realplayer is OK to read the sounds and videos of this website.

Download and install the free Realplayer :

  1. Go to Real website:
  2. Go to "Realplayer" page (not to " RealMusic")
  3. Look for a link to the download of the FREE RealPlayer" and click on it. Beware, not to mistake the fee version (available freely for a few days only) for the free one !
  4. Download the software and install it as described on the download page
  5. The sounds and videos of this website can now be listened through your Internet navigator.


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