~ A Great Comandante ~

by Diego

Sergeant Garcia…amigo, I see,
Your muscles are mighty and strong
A great …comandante you surely would be
But that’s not the end of my song.

A great comandante, a man of renown
With an air of distinction and style
The wicked will pale at the sight of your frown
And the good will rejoice at your smile!

When you’re comandante with splendid mustache
And a devilish gleam in your eye
The ladies will thrill at your glitter and dash
And swoon as they watch you go by.

When you’re comandante, you’ll ride a white horse
As fast as an eagle in flight
And you will chase Zorro and catch him of course
While everyone cheers with delight.

So Zorro is brought to a horrible end
By our hero so daring and strong
Our new comandante, Garcia, my friend
And that is the end of my song.