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Activities of the outlaw called Zorro

Page 1 By Demetrio Lopez Garcia Sergeant of his majesty the king of Spain

  March 24 Place: Cuartel de Los Angeles
Facts: The masked outlaw called Zorro helped Don Nacho Torres who was arrested the day before for high treason on the King to escape.
Description: The outlaw entered the cuartel apparently over the roofs, and threatened to kill señor Licenciado Pina if he did not open the cell of the traitor Torres .Capitan Monastario having heard the noise tried to stop him but was locked in the cell through Zorro's trickery. In spite of a courageous attempt of Sergeant Garcia to stop the outlaw, he escaped with the  prisoner. The lancers attempted to follow the outlaw on horseback, but were cut short, because the saddles were sabotaged by the outlaw.

Shortly after the return of de la Vega.

It is him!
  March 25 Place : Pueblo de Los Angeles
Facts : Zorro was officially declared an outlaw, and  a reward of 1000 pesos was offered for his capture dead or alive.

  March 25 Places: Hacienda de Torres
Facts: Zorro entered the hacienda de Torres to challenge Capitan Monastario who suspected Benito Avila of being  Zorro.
Description: When Capitan Monastario questioned the vaquero Benito Avila in front of the señorita Elena Torres and Doña Luisa, Zorro appeared, fought with the Comandante and  disarmed him, then escaped on his black horse. The lancers with the Capitan at their head followed him in the hills but the outlaw escaped after jumping a ravine on his very fast and nimble horse.

Benito Avila Head vaquero of  de la Vega
  March 29 Place: Mission San Gabriel
Facts: Zorro helped the Indians of the mission requisitioned for the construction of a new road to escape.
Description: The lancers of the King went to the mission San Gabriel in order to arrest the outlaw Nacho Torres. But the traitor was protected from the law by sanctuary. When  Comandante Monastario and Don Diego de la Vega tried to reason with the fugitive, some Indians of the mission who were requisitioned by the capitan for the construction of the new road tried to flee. While the lancers were chasing  the Indians, Zorro arrived and drove the other Indians towards the hills. Comandante Monastario tried to  stop them but was outnumbered.
Don Diego was there!

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