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Activities of the outlaw called Zorro

Page 2 By Demetrio Lopez Garcia Sergeant of his majesty the king of Spain

  March 30 Place: Mission San Gabriel
Facts: Zorro was surprised when he brought food to the traitor Don Nacho Torres.
Description: The army discovered that the Indians were planning to attack the Mission, and decided to occupy the Mission premises to protect it. Bringing food to the traitor Torres was deemed illegal, in order to make him give himself up. But on the evening of this day, Zorro entered the Mission surreptitiously and gave food and drink to Don Nacho. The lancer Ajevalo saw him enter and alerted the Comandante. Zorro, caught in the act fled to the bell-tower used the bell rope to escape from his pursuers. Then he disappeared in the night.

de la Vega was at  the mission during the day
  March 31 Place: Mission San Gabriel
Facts:   The Indians, who were helped by Zorro attacked the Mission and helped Inocente, who was a former Indian worker who belonged to the band of terrorists, and the traitor Torres, to escape.
Descriptions: Strange and mysterious events occurred at the Mission San Gabriel creating  disorder among the lancers. During this time, Zorro and a band of Indians used the  weakening of the army to attack the mission and made the soldiers beat the retreat. They then released their accomplices.

  April 1st Place : Hacienda Torres
Facts : Zorro struck the Comandante and tied up Don Diego de la Vega and his servant Bernardo and then helped Don Nacho to escape on horseback.
Description: Suspecting the traitor Torres to have taken refuge in his hacienda, Capitan Monastario ordered a search of his property. A thorough inspection of the cellar and stages were carried out by Sergeant Garcia  and the Comandante with the assistance of Don Diego de la Vega (come to visit). When Sergeant Garcia had left to gather the lancers, Zorro entered the hacienda and struck the Comandante. The traitor Torres helped by his wife Doña Luisa and the señorita Elena, used the indisposition of the Comandante to take his effects from  him. He then posed as the Comandante to the lancers and ordered their return to the Cuartel. Meanwhile, Don Diego and his servant also dealt with Zorro who muzzled them and tied them up in the cellar. When the Comandante's carriage turned away from the road to Los Angeles, the perspicacious Sergeant Garcia detected senor Torres's fraud. But the outlaw Zorro arrived, threw himself on Sergeant Garcia and took him as a hostage, thus allowing Don Nacho to escape with the horse of the warrant officer.

The accounts of people present differ as to the time when  de la Vega was sequestered by Zorro.

to be cleared of suspicion!
  April 2 Place: Cuartel de Los Angeles
Facts: Zorro stopped the hanging of Benito Avila  and helped him to escape.
Description: Benito Avila, disguised as Zorro, was caught trying to release the Torres women from the prison cell in which they were locked up for complicity of treason. It was announced that  Zorro was captured by Capitan Monastario who immediately sentenced him to death by hanging. The real Zorro entered the cuartel before the execution disguised  as a priest to assist the condemned prisoner in confession. At the time of the hanging, Zorro threw off his disguise and cut the bonds of the prisoner, allowing him to escape. The lancers were close  to capturing the real Zorro at the scaffolding near the plaza, but he escaped purely by chance.

Benito - Vaquero of de la Vega

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