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Activities of the outlaw called Zorro

Page 4 By Demetrio Lopez Garcia Sergeant of his majesty the king of Spain

  April 22 Place: Cuartel de Los Angeles
Facts: Zorro entered the cuartel at night and suspended a flag with Z on the flag pole in the place of the Spanish colors.
Description: The lancers Delgado and Sanchez  were on guard that  night . They did not notice anything suspicious. They do not know how the outlaw Zorro could enter the cuartel, climb to the top of the flag pole and nail his flag without making the least noise.

  April 23 Place: Grounds of the La Brea Rancho - San Vincente Rock
Facts:  Zorro was chased by the lancers in the hills.
Descriptions:  The Comandante Monastario informed Sergeant Garcia of a secret mission to capture Zorro. The Sergeant was dishonorably discharged from service on April 22. As a civilian, the sergeant was supposed to contact the outlaw Zorro and become his ally. Zorro fell into the trap and fixed an appointment with the Sergeant the following day near the signpost  of the La Brea Rancho. The Sergeant, who was closely followed by the Comandante and a troop of  lancers went to the fixed place where a message from Zorro required of him to go to the San Vincente rock. Once at the bottom of the rock,  a new message indicated to him to go to the top of the rock. The Sergeant, followed by the soldiers climbed to the top of the rock, but Zorro was not there. The trap of the Comandante did not work. The Comandante,  fearing that Zorro would use the absence of the lancers to set fire to the barracks ordered a fast return. On the way, the lancers saw the outlaw on his stallion. An unrestrained chase began but Zorro's horse rode like the wind and quickly lost the tired horses of the lancers, then disappeared into the woods.

  May 16 Place: Tavern of Los Angeles
Facts: A fake Zorro named Martinez attacked the guests of the Comandante but the real Zorro intervened and restored their belongings.
Description (according to the testimonies of the people present at the tavern this evening): Capitan Monastario had invited all the haciendados and rancheros of Los Angeles to a banquet in the tavern. During the dinner, the fake Zorro entered by the hotel rooms and threatened the guests of the Comandante with the gun. He took all their belongings and violently attacked the innkeeper before fleeing. The Comandante immediately tried to follow and capture him. Zorro returned to fight the Comandante (but which Zorro was it?). When he was fencing with Capitan Monastario, a second Zorro arrived. The two masked men fought and the fake Zorro was disarmed and unmasked. He was  the caballero Martinez who was arrested by the lancers the day before for disturbing the public, and  later escaped from the cuartel. The real Zorro recovered the stolen jewels and money and restored them to the commandant's  guests. Martinez was taken back  to prison. The Comandante  tried to capture the real Zorro but did not succeed, because the real Zorro escaped the way he entered.

Diego de la  Vega was also among  the invited haciendados and he curiously disappeared when Zorro was there . He said he was hiding under the table!
  May 17-18 Place: Mission San Gabriel
Facts: The fake Zorro Martinez stole the crown of the Virgin in the mission San Gabriel and killed an Indian. Capitan Monastario shot him down when he tried to  escape.
Description: Martinez was shot down by the comm  was thought to have died  and was buried but he escaped. Before leaving the pueblo de Los Angeles, he went to the mission San Gabriel and stole the crown of the Virgin (jewel of great value). Inocente, an Indian working at the mission surprised Zorro committing his crime and raised the alarm but the masked man killed the Indian and fled to the hills. The following day, the Comandante found the outlaw, and with the help of Don Diego de la Vega succeeded in defeating him. But Martinez managed to escape and Capitan Monastario  was forced to shoot him down.  The Comandante then went to the Mission to restore the stolen jewel. The real Zorro did not have any part in this.

How did de la Vega beat Martinez with the sword? He could not defeat an expert swordsman simply by luck!

Why was he there? He undoubtedly followed me. How did he know my business there?

He insisted that I announce Zorro was innocent!

Is he an ally of Zorro?

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