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episode I-14
the most important notable of L.A.

episode I-17
the master of the hacienda
episode I-17
Alejandro does not understand his son anymore
episode I-18
the bold hidalgo
episode I-20
a wink to Diego
episode I-26
Alejandro arresting the tyrant
episode I-26
I wish my son would be as brave as Zorro

episode I-26
Looked after by the doctor after being hurt by a bull's horn

episode I-38
Meeting a foreign diplomat
episode I-39
At work at his office

episode I-39
Alejandro fights for his fatherland ...

episode II-05
... with the point of his sword if necessary

episode II-12
Moment of relaxation in the tavern

episode II-16
Around the family table
episode II-16
My brother-in-law annoys me...
episode II-17
Ha, ha, ha
episode II-17
Estevan is getting on my nerves!
episode II-19
I understand ...

episode II-31
He is going to explode

episode II-31
En garde, se˝or !

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