- Bernardo in pictures #1 -

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episode I-01
This is my friend Garcia !

episode I-09
Be careful,
I am under the bed !

episode I-11
episode I-14
You must be kidding me, Diego ?
episode I-16
Are you sure, Diego ?
episode I-17
episode I-19
They've never seen me angry !

episode I-22
Oh gosh !

episode I-22
uh uh, interesting ...

episode I-23
Oh !

episode I-23

episode I-25
Mi amor !

episode I-25
Then, I followed the bandido and ...

episode I-29
I'd better leave now
episode I-132
discreetly ...
episode I-33
I'm good, eh ?
episode I-33
What? I can't do anything about it !
episode I-38
- Zorro will visit him
- good idea

episode I-39
Curious as much as strange

episode II-01
Hum, what a beautiful life !

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