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- To Become an Haciendado -

Sergeant Garcia considered seņorita Bastinado, a rich old maid of San Pedro, as his mean to become a rich landowner. His plan was very simple: He only had to seduce the seņorita and marry her.

episode I-32 : "... - I was sitting in the tavern with the charming seņorita Bastinado when you blundered in, upset all my carefully laid plans. What plans? - Plans of becoming a great Don, of owning a 5000 acres of rancho, with 2000 head of cattle, a large store, a drayage service and 100 head of horses ... "

Garcia's plan went well but not for the Sergeant!

episode I-34 : "... - I was wondering if I might ask a favor of you? - Of course Seņorita! Anything you wish, what is it ? - Corporal Reyes is so shy. I did plan to ask him to visit my rancho and perhaps stay to supper. If you would ask him for me I would be very grateful to you ...

The Sergeant had completely forgotten this crazy idea. But one day, Seņor Basilio put it again into his mind.

episode II-29 : "... -I have always thought you would make an excellent haciendado. Yes, I can easily envision it. You, the master of a large hacienda which would be the social center of the whole Los Angeles presided over by yourself : Don Demetrio Garcia... - Don Demetrio LOPEZ Garcia - Sergeant, you are my friend, I can make this come true for you . ..."

Garcia's ambition reappeared. As a matter of fact, he seemed very closed to achieve his goal this time. It wasn't Don Diego's opinion!

episode II-19 : "... - My good friend, today, as a matter of fact a few moments ago, I decided to perhaps retire and become a haciendado like Don Alejandro or yourself Don Diego. - Very slowly Sergeant, would you mind repeating that ?... "

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