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- Sergeant Garcia -

Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Garcia is the deputy officer of Los Angeles. He is a soldier with an imposing stature, which he certainly owes to his fondness for wine and good food.

He is not very smart and rather clumsy. His comandantes often hesitate to entrust responsibilities to him fearing the consequences. However, between the series of comandantes who come and go in the small village, the Sergeant must take over until a new officer is appointed. Actually, one of Garcia's great ambitions (among many others) is to to be permanent comandante. By the way, he likes listening to his friend Don Diego's advice about it and preferably having a drink in the meantime!

The Sergeant's great occupation is to chase the bandido Zorro towards whom he is divided between two feelings: a deep admiration and a keen desire to end Zorro's arrogance!

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Diego and Garcia
Zorro and Garcia

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