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- Zorro, the Fox -

Theme of Zorro

A rumour runs in Los Angeles, a masked bandido dressed in black would ride for justice. As discrete as a shadow in the night, he glides from roof to roof and always emerges where he is not expected.

He is brave and reckless and undoubtedly the best swordsman of the country. His sword... he puts it at the service of justice and of the oppressed. People like and respect him but he remains an outlaw and there a price on his head. Soldiers are unceasingly running after him but on his proud horse faster than the wind, he is uncatchable!

His courage and his elegance particularly impress the señoritas who regard him as a true hero. However, he often finds himself in a bad position and must use all of his tricks and skills to get out of it, victorious each time.

Do you know his name?

"This bold renegade carves a 'Z' with his blade,

a 'Z' that stands for... ZORRO! "

About Zorro :

Brave and Reckless
Riding his bold steed

Salute del Caballero
The ladies' darling

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