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- Zorro in trouble -

What happens to Zorro ? This infallible hero seems
this time in very bad position !

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episode I-15
Zorro unconscious on the ground

episode I-21
Captured by Captain Ortega's lasso

episode I-20
the fight is turning bad

episode I-28
Captured by a lasso

episode I-29
"so here is Zorro"
episode I-29
Garcia is just behind


episode I-32
Beware the well

episode I-38
My god, It is going to explode
episode I-35
he turns his back to Garcia

episode II-01
oops, it is turning bad

episode I-38
it exploded !
episode II-16
been lassoed again !
episode II-23
hey, that's hot

episode II-30
The secret passage discovered
episode II-32
what a strong man

episode II-33
beware the cuchillo

episode II-34
unarmed treacherously
episode II-39
on the ground again !

the worse thing that could happen to Zorro is of course to be unmasked
and it happened many times (click below)

Zorro unmasked !

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