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- Captain Monastario -

Enrique Sanchez Monastario is a young captain posted in the last year to the cuartel de Los Angeles. It is his first position with great responsibility and he runs it firmly. His ill-hidden ambition is to become rich quickly. In Los Angeles, he gave himself full powers and has established an atmosphere of terror.

But things have changed since has arrived in the village a masked bandido from nowhere, fighting injustice perpetrated by Monastario.

Since then, the captain pursues only one goal : to capture and unmask the outlaw who goes by the name of... ZORRO.

Monastario will eventually achieve his ends !

His favorite words

About Captain Monastario :


Chasing After Zorro, the book by Britt Lomond

Indispensable to know all the anecdotes around the shooting of Zorro's best episodes !

The book is only sold on the web.

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Information on Britt Lomond the actor who played Monastario

http://rockyzorro.com/lomondhomepage.html Britt Lomond's celebrity home page
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britt_Lomond Wiki page about Britt Lomond