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- To Get Married -

Garcia is still young and of an age of getting married and he is quite determined to find the woman of his life.

But the task was not an easy one. Indeed, the Sergeant had always had an unfortunate relationship with women, even if all he wanted was a kiss.

He knew his plumpness was the main cause of his misfortune so he tried to lose weight but he was not very persevering !

Garcia started courting women :

As he spent lots of time in the tavern, Sergeant Garcia quite naturally found the se˝oritas who work there very attractive.

episode I-19 : "-Hey Clara, later when you finish work, then will you sit with me for a little while ? -I WILL NOT SIT WITH YOU NOW. I WILL NOT SIT WITH YOU WHEN I AM FINISHED, NOT TOMORROW NOR THE DAY AFTER. FOR THE LAST TIME, I WILL NOT SIT WITH YOU AT ALL! "

Then, he courted middle-class women with the hope of appeasing other ambitions (see "To Become Comandante")...

episode I-17 : "- But it's very simple : 2 steps to the left, 2 to the right, and 2 to the left again... now, you can remember that? -Oh si I can remember but my feet, they cannot ! "

(See "To become an Haciendado")... but, he went for it in a very awkward way !

episode I-32 : "- Se˝orita, how does it happen that a young lady of your obvious talents has managed to avoid matrimony ? -I may having married once but I found out fortunately in time that the caballero in question was more interesting in my money than in me . - Oooh, the scoundrel ! (...)"

No hope is still lost, and who knows, it is perhaps during one of Garcia's trip (in Monterey) that he will finally find the perfect woman.

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