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episode I-08
Private Reyes without a moustache

episode I-14
Corporal Reyes
episode I-19
playing guitar
episode I-27
The Sergent and the Corporal
episode I-28
lost in thought
episode I-33
A gallant soldier
episode I-37

episode II-06

episode II-09
OH, look Corporal !
episode II-09

episode II-12
and that's it !

episode II-13
not the faintest glimmer of intelligence

episode II-18
ironing duty

episode II-18
Se˝orita Reyes
episode II-30
The Corporal of the lancers
episode II-32
washing duty
episode II-37
guard duty
episode II-36
You see what I see, Sergeant ?

episode II-38
frigthened Reyes

episode II-39
not motivated at all

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