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By Vivi

May, 27th 2018

New rubric : the game "Find Zorro" on "Zorro - A shadow out of the night" page is now online - have fun !


Octobre, 1st 2017

News : I redesigned entirely the website with new picture, video and sound captures - You must visit it again absolutely!

New rubric : All the rubrics have been redesigned except the game "Find Zorro" (on work)


August, 19 2010

News : I updated the links, added a page on the Game and goodies rubric "Who is behind the mask" and added a new rubric

New rubric :

  • The Hacienda in 3d : available on Alejandro's page "Visit de la Vega's Hacienda" - Big thanks to Alain Becquet for his great job making the hacienda in 3d.


December, 11 2007

News : I updated the links and added a page on the Game and goodies rubric "Who is behind the mask"


October,8 2006

News : The website has been updated. I have made changes on the design of several pages and added new rubrics.

New rubrics :

  • Game and goodies : available through the index page
  • Zorro Activities : the pages about the report of Zorro activities by Sergeant Garcia have been translated by Venil (thanks a lot!). They are available on Monastario's page "How the Comandante found out Zorro's identity"


March,25 2003
News : The website has been moved to a new address (update your bookmark) and now it is available both in French and in English. The whole text has been translated in English and moreover, all the videos and sounds are now in English too!

Special Thanks : Thank you very much to the people who helped me on the translation : Edith (the English version would never have been but for her,) and Elise, and thank you to the American friends who helped me to correct it : Mary Lou, Randi and Janis.

New Rubrics : All the French rubrics are now also available in English. That means :

Zorro Pages:

  • Zorro, the fox
  • In Pictures
  • A shadow out of the night
  • In Bad Situation
  • A Z that stands for Zorro (updated every week)

Diego Pages :

  • Don Diego
  • In Pictures
  • A perfect Dandy

Garcia Pages :

  • Sergeant Garcia
  • In Pictures
  • Garcia's Comandantes
  • Garcia's Ambitions

Alejandro Pages :

  • Don Alejandro de la Vega
  • In Pictures
  • Visit de la Vega's Hacienda

Bernardo Pages:

  • Bernardo
  • In Pictures

Monastario Pages :

  • Captain Monastario
  • In Pictures
  • How Monastario found out Zorro's identity

Reyes Pages :

  • Corporal Reyes
  • In Pictures

Note : You can easily switch between the French and English versions by clicking on the flags on the top of each page.