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- To Capture Zorro #3 -

To capture Zorro, Garcia elaborated some highly sophisticated plans. He was encouraged by his friend Don Diego

Idea #1 : Chasing Zorro

It was the obvious way but it needed much perseverance. Fortunately, Diego was there to encourage Garcia.

episode I-37 : "- Listen to me : the very next time that you see Zorro, you'll go right after him !" "- I will Don Diego, I will ! I will follow him to the end of the Earth"


But, it was not easy to chase Zorro !

episode I-03 : "- Are you sure Sergeant, he was not chasing you ?" (...) "- It is very hard to chase a fox through the rocks Comandante !"

To sum up : too fast!

Idea #2 : Guessing Zorro's identity

Guessing who was Zorro did not require physical effort but Garcia's mind was not suited for it.

episode II-25 : "- I have my suspicions as to who he might be ?" "- You do?" "- Si, This much I have learned : he is a man and he lives somewhere near here."

To sum up : Not fast enough

Idea #3 : Capturing Zorro's stallion

Capturing Zorro's horse to be faster than Zorro : this an idea of Garcia that got a nerve!

episode I-21 : "- Every time I chase this fellow Zorro he gets away, why? (...) because he has a faster horse. Now if I had this horse, I could catch Zorro and claim the reward !"

Actually, Sergeant Garcia did succeed several time to catch Tornado. But he was unable to put in practice the second part of his plan: to chase Zorro riding the stallion.

episode I-28 : "- That is Zorro's horse ! (...) With that horse now I can capture Zorro and claim the reward. Ha ha, this is the happiest day of my life !" "- I can imagine Sergeant !"

Don Estevan found another option, it was that once Garcia got Tornado, he would let him go directly to the hiding-place of Zorro.

episode II-17 : "-So you're Zorro's horse, eh boy ? What do you know, after I win the race, we will let him loose and he will go straight home, straight to Zorro" "- Si, he will !" "- All we will have to do is follow him and collect the reward." "- ha HA HA ha ha"

To sum up : should work... in theory

Idea #4 : Using baits

It was a brilliant idea that one day crossed Garcia's mind : Zorro intervened each time there was an injustice. It was then easy to imagine when and where he could find him.

episode I-20 : "- I have a plan that cannot fail : Tonight, when Zorro comes to the gristmill to rescue se˝or Barbarosa, I will be hidden in the enclosure. When Zorro appears I will step forward and capture him "

And, in fact, there were plenty of occasions.

episode II-12 : (...) "Who is it good for?" "- Us, stupid ! all we have to do is to follow Don Ricardo and When Zorro shows up to fight the duel, we will capture Zorro and claim the reward !"

On the other hand, the choice of the bait did not always appear very... judicious.

episode I-28 : "- Don Diego, when the real Zorro finds out you are in jail, he will come to rescue you. He is the one we want to catch ! " "oh, I see... "

And, obviously it was not really funny when Garcia's own idea backfired on him!

episode II-30 : "- Mendoza, how does one catch a fox ? with a trap. And what is necessary for the perfect trap ? is the irresistible bait" "-So?" "- It is quite simple, Sergeant Garcia is going to catch Zorro !"

To sum up : works anytime, should persevere!

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