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- To Own the tavern -

Sergeant Garcia had always been partial to a drink. He spent all his spare time in the tavern singing songs over a good bottle of wine.

episode II-16 : "- Viva el vino ! "

Though, when Don Diego explained to Garcia how the latter could become owner of the tavern, the sergeant started to believe it strongly. Indeed, to achieve his goal he had just had to... capture Zorro!

episode I-37 : "... - The soldier who captures Zorro would be able to retire from the army, he could even purchase the tavern. - Yes, I could ! I mean, he could ! -Think of it, Sergeant ! -I am Don Diego, I am ... "

The idea appealed very much to Garcia and he started to dream out loud about it, dragging along Corporal Reyes with him.

episode I-37 : "... - I am thinking of buying the tavern and becoming an innkeeper. - You are ? - Sergeant, could I work for you in the tavern ? (...) to spend every night in the tavern with wine and food. - and not have to pay for it ! ..."

Aah, to spend every night in the tavern surrounded by wine !

Eventually, such a day arose but not as Garcia had imagined it :

episode I-10 : "- When you have finished up there, scour the pots and scrub the kitchen floor. Then you can go to sleep on the bed at the back entrance.. -Si, se˝or Gonzales ... "

Well, among all Garcia's ambitions, "To own the tavern " is the one that fits him the best. So, for his retirement from the army, lets wish him to become the nice innkeeper of his dreams !

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