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- the Tyrant -

Captain Monastario

Sergeant Garcia had been for more than one year under the order of the despicable Captain Monastario, of whom he was the favorite scapegoat. Monastario spent his time insulting him and calling him "baboso". He gave him the worst chores and let him take the blame each time things turned out badly. 

The Sergeant suffered as a loyal and respectful soldier but as soon as he had the occasion, he made a point of criticizing his comandante. Then, he had to face Monastario's anger when the latter learned about it!

Thus, Sergeant Garcia got accustomed to his daily persecution by his comandante. Thereafter, curiously, he recalled this time with a certain nostalgia.

"Now, repeat it again, in a loud clear voice ... "
"Sergeant Garcia, explain yourself ! ..."
lyrics of the song
Garcia's awkwardness exasperated Monastario
"Let's toast our enemies. Let me see. (...)  Here's to the Comandante - drink! ..."

"... Aaah, those were the good old days ..."

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