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- To Become Comandante -

Sergeant Garcia's great ambition is to become Comandante in charge of the Cuartel of Los Angeles.

All began the day the Viceroy told Sergeant Garcia to take over the command by proxy of the Cuartel.

episode I-13 : "- Sergeant Garcia. - Yes, sir. - You'll take over the command of this garrison until a new officer is appointed. - Yes, your excellency... YES, SURE YOUR EXCELLENCY ! "

It went to his head and he would spent his time thinking about it since then . According to Don Diego, if the Sergeant succeeded in capturing Zorro, he would undoubtedly be promoted Comandante. Garcia was already seeing himself being in that position.

episode I-15 : "- You think maybe I might become new Comandante of Los Angeles! Perhaps ?
- Comandante of Los Angeles ..."

Another way to become Comandante was to climb the social ladder. What about getting married with the richest widow of Los Angeles?

episode I-17 : "- Sergeant, remember your promotion ! It is not enough to be a good soldier,you must have a social position. Now, as the husband of the wealthiest widow in the pueblo of Los Angeles, your position will be irreproachable!"

By being acting Comandante everytime it was needed, Garcia was thinking of himself as the true Comandante. But he had great difficulties to convince the others to think the same way!

episode I-19 : "- Perhaps, the mistake in the thinking is that you only think of yourself as a Sergeant. You must think of yourself as the Comandante. A man is what he thinks ! - That is philosophy Don Diego ? I am what I think : I think I am the Comandante !"

However, He was very careful in his work even in bad conditions.

episode II-32 : "- COMPANY, ATTENTION!
- What in the world ? - Well, unless I'm mistaking, padre,That is the annual Military Forces Observance Day Parade.

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