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- the Usurper -

Captain Juan Ortega

But what happened to Capitain Juan Ortega ? He was said to be a nice man, to have a fair and good relationship with the others. On the contrary, he was soon known as being violent and disdainful. Garcia tried to soften Captain Ortega's opinion but did not succeed.

On the other hand, the Sergeant, more or less involuntarly foiled all the Comandante's plans. Consequently, their relationship became very tense. 

The tragic death of Ortega didn't sadden Sergeant Garcia at all who only regretted one thing :  not having been the one who pushed him off the roof !

"Shut up you imbecile! I do not wish to be popular, I wish to be obeyed!"
"... Silence ! you do me as much harm as Zorro with your blundering ways ..."
"... Don't shoot, you fool, you might hit the Comandante ! Not such a bad idea ...

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