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- de la Vega's Hacienda -

De la Vega's Hacienda is one of the most beautiful estates of Los Angeles. Located a few miles away from the pueblo, the property extends to several hundred acres. Mainly cows (more than one thousand head of cattle) and horses (a hundred) are raised there. The domain also includes some vineyards that produce a little local wine of which the de la Vegas are rather proud.

- The Hacienda in 3D -

Click below to see the Hacienda in 3D made by Alain Becquet

See the Hacienda in 3D

- Blueprints of the Hacienda -

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(During your exploration, keep an eye on the places where the mouse cursor changes. Then, if you click, you can enter in other places or discover some well hidden secrets!)


Patio (courtyard) ; Courtyard and Corral ; Rear Patio ; BunkHouse ;
 Rear CourtyardLand.

First Floor :

Grand Sala ; LibraryGuest Room 1-1  ; Guest Room 1-2Patio (courtyard) ;
Rear Courtyard ; Kitchen and Corridor ; Rear Patio ; Secret Passage 1 ;

Second Floor :

Diego's Room ; Guest Room 2Secret Passage 2 ; Balcony ;
 Patio (courtyard) ; Rear Courtyard 

These splendid blueprints were made by Ed Salazar
only from informations collected from the episodes.

Notice : the "modern" rooms (like the fitness room) you can see on these blueprints do not fit the early 19th.
In fact, they were added by Ed Salazar on this version of the blueprints for fun (and I do not have the original version).